About the Onderwijslab (Faculty of Technology)

What is the Onderwijslab?

Within the Faculty of Technology we strive to be ahead of the masses, whether it’s about knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange or innovation. Our society combines offline and online increasingly, and we strive to connect our education optimally to these continuing developments. The combination of effective online and offline education is called blended learning.

This blended mix is shown in the Onderwijslab: it’s a cooperation between the departments Education & Research and ICT. The Onderwijslab facilitates, connects and inspires teachers, managers and staff to blend our educational efforts (even) more. Of course, we’re doing that very blended: you can find the Onderwijslab both online and offline, for advice, workshops and brainstorm sessions. This way we are collaboratively prepare our curricula and our students for the future.

Therefore, the Onderwijslab is not just a lab for ad hoc questions, but also the place to be for workshops and team sessions. For English-language speakers we organize customized workshops, both on basic and on more advanced level.

Where is the Onderwijslab?

You can find the Onderwijslab of the Faculty of Technology at LWB B5:30. Please visit us when you have a question or an idea: we are happy to think along with you. Or just experiment with tools, or attend a workshop or special.

The Onderwijslab also has a Blended Studio (LWB B5:44). Here you can create – for example – short videos (“flitscolleges”) with screen captures, informative movie productions and/or photos. You can of course do this by yourself, but it’s also possible to have professional support by the Onderwijslab, for example via a workshop.

So, you can reach us not just offline but also online. We are also to be contacted by mail, or visit this online environment, the Onderwijslab Online, for tutorials, videos and inspiring examples.

Who are the people at the Onderwijslab?

All team members of the Onderwijslab have up-to-date knowledge of educational developments and innovations. We experiment with concepts, enquire elsewhere about successes, select the best applications and develop solutions if necessary. Also, we share our knowledge, by the Onderwijslab Online and in conversations with you and your colleagues.

This way, we support and advice you in developing and designing your course or curriculum. The central question remains: what pedagogy and technology fit your learning goals, and how can we obtain the optimal blend for all these elements?

The Onderwijslab offers you the support that you want and/or need. Sometimes you leave the lab with a few inspiring examples to elaborate on, another time we brainstorm or collaborate on an innovative design. Starting with our common knowledge and experiences we work towards an innovative, durable blend.

Internship at the Onderwijslab?

Click here for up-to-date vacancies. We are (continuously) looking for (serious) game developers! Serious gaming is currently one of the main aspects of blended learning. We, as the Onderwijslab, are happy to respond to this ongoing trend.

Interns (game designers and/or software engineers) should be able to help developing serious games. They are experienced in HTML/CSS, Javascript (Angular and nodeJS is regarded an advantage), C/C++. Knowledge of Grunt/Gulp, Bower, LESS/SASS is desired.

Do you want to know more about these internships? Contact us by mail.

News from het Onderwijslab

Our editions are all in Dutch, but bits and pieces are in English.

See you soon!