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MijnHvA, our digital learning and working environment (formerly DLWO), is developed to enhance study success at the AUAS. This is done by a better educational feasibility and by offering custom fit programs. This means intensified guidance, a better connection to multiple learning styles and to individual needs and differences in level. The changes from October 2016 are to be found at the special page Techniek MijnHvA (in Dutch).

  • Because MijnHvA is both a learning environment as a working environment, you’ll come upon educational activities and organisational aspects. Students find study materials, announcements by their teachers and other information about their study. Furthermore, they easily share information and collaborate with their peers, teachers and other affiliates of the AUAS. The same applies to you: you find and share information with others.

    However, MijnHvA is not a Learning Management System (LMS). Many functionalities are developed especially for educational purposes, but the platform is not specifically built for education. MijnHvA is developed in SharePoint 2013, a Microsoft product for collaboration. You’ll notice this in its structure of lists and libraries, and in its possibilities of collaborating on documents.


  • HvA Beeldbank (FT)

practical use

  • HvA Beeldbank (FT)

  • MijnHvA is essentially in Dutch. However, when your browser is set in English, some parts of MijnHvA are automatically translated into English. There’s another way as well:

    • Navigate to My Site by clicking on your name in the top right of your screen.
    • Click on Uw profiel bewerken (change your profile settings).
    • In the three dots you’ll see Taal en regio; click on that option.
    • Click on Een nieuwe taal kiezen (choose a new language).
    • Select your preferred kind of English and click on Toevoegen (add).
    • Order your languages, with the most preferred on the top.

Next, you’ll have to change your regional settings:

  • Click on Altijd mijn persoonlijke instellingen gebruiken; this means that you’ll always use your personal settings instead of the general defined ones. You cannot change your personal profile when these settings are on, so keep that in mind.
  • At Landinstellingen you choose your preferred region.
  • Now click on Alles opslaan en sluiten to save your settings.

It might take a little while, but MijnHvA will be in English when localized.

MijnHvA is divided in several parts, called studiedelen (study parts). Each study has its own studiedeel, that refers to the other studiedelen per course or module. There is no hierarchy, the studiedelen are essentially the same.

All students and employees can access every studiedeel. Students are called “bezoekers” (visitors). This means they only have reading rights. As a teacher you have more rights, for example to write. When you would like to add an app to the studiedeel in which your students have to write, you should assign extra rights for this specific app. Examples of apps like these are the Discussion board and Wikis. If you want to allow your students to collaborate freely, you should just generate teamsites for them. This way, they’ll be able to add and delete apps themselves.

  • Every studiedeel for a course consists at least of these parts:

    Your students will see the same as you. There is one difference: in the Inleverbox you, as a teacher, have the options Alle opdrachten (all assignments) and Instellingen Inleverbox (settings for the Inleverbox). For specific apps, it’s possible that other “hidden” options appear in the navigation menu.

  • MijnHvA

  • HvA Beeldbank (FT)

  • In Alle site-inhoud (all site content) and via the settings SharePoint Online Public Website Settings button in the top right you’ll find more apps and site parts. You can add other apps and links to design your studiedeel for your educational purposes. Think for example of a discussion board, an inquiry or survey, a wiki, a blog, an application form for events or a team review. Sign up for one of our workshops in English to learn how to add these apps yourself.

    You can choose of which studiedeel you’d like to receive up-to-date information about. Just click on the Volgen (follow) button on the page. The studiedelen that you follow, will appear on the Startportaal (start page). Also the news regarding those studiedelen appears on this page, but you can read the news per studiedeel as well.


  • You could consider MijnHvA as a fortified building: within its boundaries, you’re save. Students are supported in their learning process as soon as they log in with their HvA ID, just as the townspeople were protected by the thick walls of the castle. They can leave the castle via the gates. Outside, there is no secure support and safety, but there are chances that you won’t find inside. The gates to the outside world of MijnHvA are the links to external tools. These tools might not be as strictly guarded as in MijnHvA. But they will offer essential experiences and unique applications.

  • MijnHvA

How to design MijnHvA as a fortified building with a surprising and inspiring outside world? Read more...

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